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Post Posted: 11:50am - Sep 16,18 
I had an itch to go to the Duper thinking that the low, slow water would be easier on my knees. It was. I took 2 hours off, yesterday evening, and picked up the 3wt (always ready to go at a moment's notice in the garage) and thought a popper would get some bites. Again, allowing the popper to float (mending the line) with the current produced the most action versus a more aggressive popping it. My first fish was a really decent smallmouth in the 15" range which sort of rolled on top of the popper while inhaling it. On the 3wt and 3X tippett, I had to let the fiosh do some runs before coaxing him to hand. A nice, clean hook in the upper jaw. Afterwhich, I did the smart thing and re-tied the popper. But the pool was pretty well torn up with the fish's runs so no more bites forcing me to wade downriver.
At the bend, it was about 6:30 and the sun was going behind the trees. Nothing like a school of moderately sized rock bass which kept me busy for another 20+ minutes. They really hit top water baits. Then, a nice sized bluegill (always surprised that bluegills will inhale a hook size 6 to 4 popper).
I keep telling myself to grab a 5wt and go with bigger flies thinking that size will entice the big bass if they are around. Maybe next time.
But I paid for my happiness, this morning, with the ankle and knees stiff and painful. Well, I just suck it up.


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Post Posted: 04:50am - Sep 17,18 
Nice way to invest some time Chuckt, poppers are how I started fishing a fly. Never kept up with the whipping sticks so my skill level is the same now as 45 years ago when I got those first gills and bass on the surface fly's.

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Post Posted: 04:27pm - Sep 17,18 
A little stiffness and pain is worth the tug of a bronze brute on the fly. I checked out the river by Knoch Knolls on my run yesterday. Very low and clear.

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