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Post Posted: 06:35pm - Aug 3,19 
New to Muskie fishing and I’m heading to eagle lake and was wondering what types of line are you guys using. Any suggestions on line, leader and lures would be greatly appreciated.



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Post Posted: 09:28pm - Aug 3,19 
80 or 100 pound braid. I like Sufix 832 but use what you are familiar with.

I use solid wire leaders.

The sky is the limit with baits. Just cover your bases with all presentation types and don’t be bull headed by sticking with the same thing if it’s not producing. When we have 3 guys in a boat throwing baits they are all 3 different types.
Top water (different kinds), glide baits, pounders, blades, Bondys, suiks. A couple of all types of presentations.

I haven’t been to Eagle, but I am going to Lac Seul for a week in September.

Best of luck to you and don’t forget to report back.



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Post Posted: 09:42am - Aug 5,19 
Last September my friend caught a 51" fish throwing a big yellow Medusa up shallow in the cabbage. East side of the lake down south somewhere. It was only his second day ever musky fishing...

In our group, my other friend owns a place on Eagle river and he musky fishes regularly {I don't}. He always seems to throw a lot of Medusas of various colors.

It's only one data point, so take it for what it's worth.


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