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Since the perch are back and I’m done with my exploring for the year, just wanted to post my year-end roundup. Just something I like to do to reflect on all I’ve learned from my fellow Chi-Towners since I took to shore fishing seriously 3 ½ years ago or so.

New species this year (bringing the total to about 19 or 20—a bit more if you count gill hybrids and such):

-black crappie (yum!)
-American freshwater eel (wiggly!)
-rainbow trout (private stocked pond in Barre, VT—C&R, largest was about 17 in.)

Other firsts/personal bests:

-PB largemouth (about 4 lbs.)—The one in my avatar is my 2nd largest. My brother-in-law left the dock with his camera right after snapping that photo, and 15 min. before I caught the big boy…of course. I don’t generally target bass (I just don't have very many other photos of me with my fish to use as an avatar), so that’s about as good as I could hope for—it was a fist-mouther.

-First spring coho—it was small, but nice and silver and oh so tasty!

-First yellow perch caught at night/first jumbos not at Lake Mich.—Lake Daramascotta, ME

-First August limit of LM perch (I know, no big deal for the boaters, but for us shore folks…)

-First September LM perch (one lonely dink on 9/1)

And hey, no snapping turtles, high-top sneakers, soda cans or plastic bags filled with water, and only about $20 worth of casting spoons lost this salmon season. So that’s an improvement over previous years.

It was sad losing my good fishing bud, Mr. Delicious, to the state of Florida, but he’s tearin’ up the saltwater down there. I’m sure I’ll meet many more great folks in the coming year. Just be warned—both Mr. D. and Andre got hitched this year (congrats again, guys!), and pretty much no one who goes out fishing with me EVER catches a keeper salmon in my presence. So if you’re single and like it and/or if you like catching big fish, you may just want to tip your faded St. Croix or Daiwa cap and run like hell if we cross paths. I’m a jerk anyway, so you wouldn’t be missing much.

That’s about it. Thanks everybody! May the coming year be good to you.

Tight Lines,
"Tippy" Scott

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