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Post Posted: 07:59pm - Feb 8,09 
Just curious if someone can tell me what the optimal water temps should be for fishing for various Lake
Michigan species from shore - i.e. brown trout, salmon, perch, bass - @ Montrose Harbor in Feb. and March and April?




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For coho 45 to 53 degress browns will tolerate warmer water up to 60 degress. Bass wont show up untill may.



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Its all relative. Personally I think ice out is the best time for shore fishing. 40-55 Degrees is optimal temperature for trout and salmon, but the only place they can find that is around the discharges. Fish are going to find area that are most comfortable for them. When the lake is cold, its 33 to 37 degrees in non discharges right now, they are going to look for the warmest water they can find, harbors, river mouths, and discharges. When the lake warms up a little more the fish will have a lot more comfortable water and they will disperse. I have already seen smallmouth being caught down here in Indiana. fishing seasons are usually on a bell curve and if you wait till prime time you've missed half of the fishing and its on the decline.

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