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Hi Gang!
I have been talking with my grandsons about ice fishing and one said PaPa how long have you been ice fishing . Then it hit me I have had 45 seasons on the ice and only was sidelined 2 of those years. Sitting around the campfire we were. It was crazy thinking about those adventures. I explained to them where I have gone the guys I have met and what wonderful people you all are. Some crazy but all are fun to hang with. SO many different types of people. Its amazing how the Gang comes together when a storm hits you out on the ice. The Brotherhood of ice fishing like the calvery of old charging in on those old Indian westerns, which Most of you haven't seen lol. O and then there's the Mohawks. guardians of the ice and wonderful story tellers. Some of the best ice fisherman in history too! There are a few chi- town Marines who will tear you in two with their jokes and smart aleck comments that everyone even me finds funny. Most of the comments are directed my way but its funny non the less. Looking at all the equipment changes too! OMG from sitting on a steel bucket with a zebco 202 and a dead fiberglass rod and a plastic wheel with toothpick pins (Schoolie reel). Pick axing the ice hole. Metal scoops. Gafs on a 1x2 with a nail thru it. Then keeping warm with a old horse blanket all wool and itchy like a door mat having 8 shirts on and still cold just wouldn't admit it. Amazing how fast you can move in that many cloths when a fish is on.. Its amazing to see how things change. Now we have everything and way more than will ever use. I do like the new stuff. Now how about a cure for locked up fingers when it gets really bitter cold. The Beer has gotten better it seems. At least it tastes better every time I am off the ice in a warm cabin with the fire going. Remember Blatz Beer. Its walleye time late at night then at 11 come in get back up at 4:30 to get going and the gill/crappie hunt is on once again. Yep 45 years of trying to out wit a fish with a brain the size of a pea. Now its time the eldest grand son is 12 he's old enough to road trip so Iam planning on getting him warm gear a hut and ice cleats. I am starting him out on the schoolie reels just like I did. He's been summer fishing since he was 5. now he wants to put in a good first winter season. I am now a teacher. There's not much in this life that lives after a person passes. But I can show him my passion and what I know about the fun parts of life while I am here. He can take that another 45 years and pass it on hopefully. This winter as I sit and watch the sunset up at Redstone or Yellowstone or out on Green bay. I am going to be thinking about those 45 years and hopefully a lot more. Then Ill look over and smile at my future as he is lit up ear to ear with a smile as that crappie or gill come out of that hole. Its looking to be a wonderful year cant wait for the up and coming ice season. Hope to see the gang at first ice out like kids in a school yard having fun again.
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