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Post Posted: 06:51pm - Sep 12,20 
Should be the title

This guy built his HUGE (I mean HUGE) house right next to our farm - he cleared a couple acres of river frontage, which supported turkey, deer, bald eagles, red tail hawks, coyotes, mink, beaver, otter, and much much more(refer my old posts catfishing at night here, I saw all these things) so he could grow grass and have a view.

His GIANT house is an eye sore, his garage is bigger than most peoples houses - so he goes and probably pays(maybe not) a Sun Times writer because they might park some barges across the river from his house.

Normally this is in my wheelhouse - I absolutely do not like the development that is currently going on in this stretch of the river, anyone who has been there knows how untamed and beautiful it is, there is nothing but nature on either side of the shore for miles. Nature everywhere, every time I'm out I see something cool, yesterday it was a group of tom's fighting on the shore for who knows what.

But this guy, this guy - the guy who built a mega mansion, cleared acres of growth that had been there for 100's of years(yes we are a centennial farm, it's never been farmed or developed, I know this) so he could mow it with his john deer.. this guy..

gonna act like he is some environmental champion

Kicker is he wants it further down - near Seneca - you know, next to the hicks

F- this guy (sorry for the rant but this one struck literally next door)

btw- Barge terminal will add some much needed structure to that portion of the river - can't wait to see it go in



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Post Posted: 07:38pm - Sep 12,20 
Thus now you are learning the lesson of controlling the media, or "false news".

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