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With a small rise in river levels I fished a nearby creek mouth. Pike fishing was the objective so with most ofmy musky lures in moms garage I had to use what I had at my apartment. Bass rod with an abu revo reel with 30lb braid and one of those f-18 rapalas, perfect stealth shore tackle. Third cast I nail a small 14inch northern Pike. Fifty yards closer to the mouth of the creek I catch a 22.5in northern. Amazing strike, I was able to see the whole thing about fifteen feet from shore. Then I proceed up the creek about thirty feet from the river where I've always had luck in the past . The creek was very stained compared to the river. About fifteen casts in I feel a tug, whatever it was it unbuckled, but two cranks of the reel later the tug was back and fish on. A very nice healthy northern Pike at 27inches was carefully pulled up a three foot bank. This Guy had a huge gut that swallowed my hand in the crappy photo I took. Going to start carrying a scale but if I had to guess it was at least 6-7lbs .

So after catching three northern from shore in about 30minutes I figured what the hell drop the sink in for an hour and catch four or five more. After dropping in I proceeded to float for two hours without even a nibble. Ha, I love fishing.

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