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I went camping at Shabbona over the weekend. Friday afternoon I fished the shore near the campground for about an hour. I got one bass, maybe 15"-16", on a spinnerbait before the rain moved in. Saturday I rented a boat for a half-day with some guys, but we didn't find any biters. The bait shop said the crappie were on cribs and the bass could be found on the weedlines. The howling wind made it hard to hold position, even with anchors down.

Sunday, I woke up early and got on the water before 5:00 in my kayak. No fish, but the morning was so perfect that I didn't even need a rod in the boat. The lake was like glass and the moon was bright. The silence sullied only by the rumble of trucks on the highway, owls hooting across the lake, and water dripping off my paddle. A little fog was rising off the water as I made my way to the no motor zone. An owl, or possibly a night heron, hunted from the top of a submerged tree. About 6:00 a few muskie started rolling at the surface. One splashed close enough to spatter me with droplets.

As dawn approached, the birds started to wake. Song erupted from the brush around the lake. A long, undulating tube of starlings flew overhead, the combined beating of wings thundering across the quiet. Herons croaked and perched on the stumps, and the geese started sounding near the creek mouth. As the sun crested the trees, the wisps of fog rising from the water thickened rapidly, reducing everything beyond a few yards to silhouettes. Panfish started popping the lily pads, but ignored any baits offered. Fellow anglers began to appear through the mist. Duty called and to the dock I returned.

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