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Post Posted: 09:05am - Apr 19,15 
Hey guys, i'm meeting a buddy in California and driving to Wyoming to visit my sister. I'm bringing my sticks with. Question?
with a limited amount of tackle what should I bring ? I have some Mepps spinners. Any input would be appreciated. I'm leaving Tuesday. (lakes and streams)



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Post Posted: 08:12am - Apr 21,15 
Have not been out that way in years, but my guess is that the trout fishing tactics have not changed much. When we were there last we fished high mountain lakes and used small spinners(mepps or rooster tails) and small spoons. I like fishing small spoons personally. My dad lived out there before I was born and also fly fished. Traditional fly fishing or fly and bubble on a spinning rod may work in some case. A nickel and gold colored spoon called the Colorado Spoon by Thomas Lures is the way to go, that thing will pull fish out of lakes or streams and rivers. Good Luck!


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Post Posted: 09:38am - Apr 21,15 
How much time are you going to have in Montana? I know some great lakes in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, but you need a whole day or two to hike to them. Also, the Wind River Range in Western Wyoming is supposed to be world class pond fishing, but you have to do a lot of hiking to get to them. You are probably going to be limited to mountain pond fishing as the rivers will likely be roaring with the snow melt off and very difficult to fish.

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