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Launch about 6:30am, final tieup at 6:30pm. Water was 84 at launch, but the FF that came with the boat was retarded and read 99 the rest of the day. For reference, it also said fish were holding in 100' FOW or more. And that was while it was reading 3' FOW near the main trees :?

Just me n Maliboo, an experienced bass hunter with an uncanny knack for catching carp on crankbaits. He threw muskie baits most of the day without even a follow, but he did catch a 15" LMB on a wild noisy contraption early in the day (edit: it was a Deps Buzzjet Black Widow wakebait). IMO he followed basic muskie technique, but no one told the muskies that they should bite. I drowned small bluegills under a bobber without any takers. They may have been a bit small for muskies but they were cross-purposing for big bass too. We covered every spot in the lake twice, and trolled several lines to boot. I ended up with 2 LMBs, 1 on a a perch/bluegill-sorta pattern paddletail swimbait (20") and 1 on a Rapala floating shallow diver. Both were taken between trees and dam. Saw another boat take a small (way sub-legal) walleye on the dam, IDK on what though.

Bait shop guy said only live bait works right now and that artificials are a waste of time, 9 out of 10 of his customers brought back boats with dry livewells unless they were crappie fishin. Boat rental guy said we did better than just about everyone else targeting bass, my recommendations for this lake are just like other lakes with boat rental... don't ask the bait guy, ask the boat guy. They see more than the bait guy does, not everyone goes back to the bait shop to brag. When I use arties, there's a good reason. Sometimes a well-thrown crank beats even a live 'gill!

edit: pics don't show, I'll just put 'em in the gallery.

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