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Post Posted: 09:08am - Jun 29,09 
Anything happening on Shabbona. Haven't seen a post on it since late May. Maybe fishing so good that no one wants to talk about it? :roll:



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Post Posted: 12:43pm - Jul 8,09 
I'll be going out tonight with my son to fish from shore. I will gladly reply with any info. We expect to catch panfish, the odd bass and crappie. Will see how the boaters are doing.



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Post Posted: 05:58pm - Sep 19,09 
Don't judge the fishing by me but 3 friendds and I fished it yesterday. We started about 8am and quit about 6pm and had little luck. By little, I mean the length of the fish we caught. Aside from one deent sized crappie, the 3 stripers were big eough to be classified as bass minnows. We used 2 boats and my buddy and I (in the one boat) canvassed the lake using minnows and spinners and if I fished shallow he fished deep. It was poor. The other 2 guys in their boat had the one crappie and that was it.
If anybody says we suck, I will accept it but we did not see any other fishers with smiles nor did we see any action aside from the rarely often small one being caught.

On another note, ther must have been some sort of hatch going on because the water was dappled everywhere with small (tiny) fish rising. In one spot, we watched a school of small fish flash at the top as if they were feeding. A sudden flurry at the surface then nothing. In the evening, we would see an occasional larger fish make a swirl uopn which we would cast in the area with no result. What was going on, we would like to know. It was very interesting to watch.

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