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Post Posted: 12:35am - Sep 21,03 
Hi Everyone,

I've finally found the Lemont Quarries. Can someone give me some idea of how and where to fish it. All I caught was a few bluegills and a few SMALL bass.

Which is the best to fish for bass?? For Catfish?? and Where the heck should I fish on these lakes on FOOT??

I only used nightcrawlers.

Any information would be GREATLY appreciated..

Thanks in advance



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Post Posted: 12:41pm - Sep 21,03 
Well Dale I havn't fished them, but let me see if I can help. First of all Welcome to the site!
Ok, I would start by finding the structure. I know what you are thinking How? you may ask? It's called Feel of Lure presentation. Tie on a 1/4oz or 3/8oz Jig. Watch the jig fall in the water and guess it's rate of fall, 1' per count etc. Start casting! count down to get depth and then retreive the jig, fishing it of course, and feel your way back in. This will give you an idea if you have any drops, trees, weeds, Cars,Etc. Keep mental notes or a notebook with you.
You will want to work the structure, especially the drops and wood, with your choice of baits. I would try two rigs. Rig one slip bobber and set the depth to correstponde with the bottom you are fishing. I would fish a liver or your favorite dipbait(Junies). The other I would rig for bottom fishing. On the bottom rod I would use a different bait than the slip rig. This will give you an idea what they are wanting. You need to let the fish tell you what they want to eat! I would try liver, cutbait, shadguts, etc. One bait that I have found that works great on lakes are leaches. I have caught some big channels on lakes with them.
The key is to keep moving! If you don't get bit in 15 minutes, then move. Keep moving until you find them.
I hope this helps!

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Post Posted: 04:40pm - Sep 21,03 
If were talking the same Lamont quarries (just north of Rt. 171)...they are private property, and fisherman are ticketed for trespassing and/or poaching...unless somethings changed resently?

This the place?



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Post Posted: 07:00pm - Sep 21,03 
To answer Bob's Q about the accessibility of the Lemont Quarries,
see this thread on Chi-Town Angler:

<a href="" target=" blank"> Lemont Quarries</a>

In it, click on the link articles I posted, and you shall have some of the info in question :wink:

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Post Posted: 07:41pm - Sep 21,03 
I took advantage of the I & M cleanup to talk to: 1) Anglers that were fishing the quarries and 2) Lemont police about the status of said quarries.

The few anglers I talked to weren't have great success. There was a group of two guys porting a boat between quarries. It seems some anglers found out you can launch a boat(no idea if it is legal) at the third quarry. Say adios to the fishery :evil: I should have had the coast guard guys(helping with the clean-up) check the boaters out :wink: Another angler (from shore) was trying the two quarries on the south side and he C & R'ed a few bass, but nothing fantastic. They put up two foot bridges, so now you can (finally) cross the canal! I think one was put in last week.

Now - to the officers I talked to. The first one said the reclamation people *may* kick you off the quarries, the second one I talked to thought there would be no problems. Either way, two opinions and neither Lemont officer had any idea of kicking anglers off the quarries :!:

I also heard camgrounds will be going up!!! Still a long way to go. One of the side access roads had some huge ruts in it. The main road seemed fine. A ton of poison ivy though. I'm lucky as it doesn't affect me. I even ask the coast guard guys if I was by some poison ivy, they said yes, and I proceeded to pick some to admire it LOL. No rash breakouts :0)

No idea if catfish are present in any of the quarries.

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