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Post Posted: 11:07am - Dec 1,11 
What am I doing wrong?



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Post Posted: 02:42pm - Dec 1,11 
I don't think you are doing anything wrong (but I could be wrong :? ) I don't think it's allowed to insert pics and/or links in signatures. The ones you see are from sponsors of the site. Again I could be wrong about that.


Uh strike that. I did get it to work. So technically it's possible. But I think it may be against the guidelines or something. Here's rule 9 of the guidelines. I also included the link to membership guidelines (found four to the left of the "latest posts")

9. Signatures are limited to 2 lines of text. No images without the consent of Chitown-Angler please contact us for such requests. This will be at the discretion of the staff.

sooo with that being said I better go back and change my signature :winker

You really only ever need two tools in life. Duct Tape and Wd-40.
If it moves and shouldn't use the tape. If it doesn't move and should use the Wd-40.

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