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Post Posted: 06:53am - Aug 30,16 
Well it's been a long time posting anything, why? I threw away the camara and got me a smart phone. All of our posts are now on fb for our friends and family. It sure is and always been challenging to post pics on chitown, wish they would change that.
Anyway, we did pretty good so far this year. Prespawn marked one of our best time in years. We managed one day to get 16 a piece. Thats right, 32 fish, only four under two pounds with numerous smallys over two and a half pounds. Got tough after the spawn, as usual
Right now the river is dangerous with all this rain. Please be careful, high, fast moving water. About two weeks ago we did go to rock creek. Got 42 fish, mostly small rockbass. I got three smallys that were two pounds and my buddy got one that was two pounds.
I know its been awhile but i will try to learn how to post pics from my phone. If i can than i promise i will start posting again.


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Salmon Unlimited Member

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Post Posted: 08:08am - Aug 30,16 
Awesome report man. When I was a kid we used to fish all up and down the river. Are you finding more success this time of year throwing crankbaits or plastics? Congrats on the success this season



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Post Posted: 04:42pm - Aug 3,17 
Good report, thank you for posting it.

Thank you to all who offered me help! I caught a 43 inch Muskie,19 inch Bass, and other fish during my first vacation in Illinois. All fish where released.

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