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After getting all the yard work and weeding done, managed to get out from around 5PM to sunset. The most important thing today was finding clear water. Hopped around between multiple ponds and only started to have luck when at clear water.

When at ponds with dirty water, threw everything I could think of. Chatterbaits, Rattletraps, Jig/Grubs, Senkos. Nothing. Even threw on the Whopper Plopper for a hail mary with no luck. The only thing I didn't have in the box today was some spinners, threw some in for next time to try.

Once at clear water, things improved. With the recent rain, any drains with incoming water were the place to be. Managed a bunch of smaller fish with one 17.5 in fish added as a bonus. Name of the game today was a Jig/Crawfish Combo slowly dragged and twitched past. mostly with a small amount caught on a swimming Jig/Grub.

On every clear water lake I visited, all were seen to have bass on beds actively defending them. I decided to let them be and not bother them with lures.

Paddymac if you read this, the 17.5 fish was definitely a big female with a belly as fat as can be. 8)~

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