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replaced the filter on my 75 gallon community tank, went with the sunsun 303 with uv light. jason at animal island pet shop in midlothian recommended it and my brother in law been running them for about a year now in his tanks, and can't say enough about them. comes with 3 trays, filter medias bioballs ceramic rings and charcoal. the directions it comes with suck, but plenty of youtubes if you need help. if you buy it from animal island, they will set it up for you. i set up my own, very easy,and seems well made. only thing, it didn't quite prime as fast as some of the videos say. so after 2 months now i'm very pleased with it, water crystal clear, ph, nitrites all that good stuff nice and steady. unit is whisper quite. price $120.00. maintenance is about every 3 months, give or take depending on quantity of fish.

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