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Post Posted: 08:40am - Nov 25,15 
I recently purchased the Eagle Claw Cat Claw via the Eagle Claw website. I was looking for a heavy rod that still had some bend to it. The rod was everything I could have asked for and more! Although I did not catch any fish on it on my outing I did accidentally have a 10 or 12 ft Dolphin as in porpoise on for a bit. These bait stealers are some of the interference we deal with down here in Florida. Luckily for me and the dolphin they know how to get the bait off of the hook without getting hooked. The weird thing is they pull like they are hooked and then all of the sudden slack, your hook is there and the bait is gone. Good for the dolphin good for the fisherman. The rod had a nice bend and feel to it as the dolphin peeled line from the reel. I can't wait to actually get something to keep on it. Maybe this weekend! I highly recommend this rod for cats, stripers, and some saltwater.




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Post Posted: 01:33pm - Nov 25,15 
Where are you fishing in that picture ?

I have used the rod before
Very affordable and durable rod
Hope you enjoy it



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jay, check your pm's

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