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Kyle came out and we fished the Lower Fox and Illinois hard until 1-2 O’Clock with maybe 30 fish for our efforts. MOST of those came after 11am.

Shad was a one toss deal with enough and leftovers coming from the mouth of the Fox.
We fished up in the Fox from too-foggy-to-be-on-the-main-river-thirty (5:30-6am) until 8 or so, with only 3-4 fish to show for it. Mondays ALL DAY Rain had raised the river, and the much cooler water was crankin down at a GOOD clip.

After 8 or so, We found more of the same on the Illinois with some places requiring 3 oz of weight just to get a bare hook to the bottom. We fished current, current breaks, calm water, deep shallow and never came up with a pattern that would put us on solid hitting fish.

Most of the fish we did boat in the morning were BARELY hooked, and we lost at least 10 decent fish within 20 feet of the boat as we CAREFULLY tried not to rip off in the currents.

Turned out to be a nice day, and we got ‘enough’ fish averaging 3-4 pounds with a few bigger ones mixed in to make the outing very enjoyable

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