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Post Posted: 12:51pm - Feb 22,16 
Wanted to be on the ice saturday, but with the warm temps, thought better of that. Was sunny, air temp in the mid 50's, water temp was 40 degrees with about 18" clarity or better and flow was 1800 cfs.

No luck at my usual spot, tried my favorite mepps spinners, bouncing a white twister tail slow across the bottom, etc. Had no expectation of success, just being out was good enough.

I learned that 1809 cfs is a little too much for me to cross to my favorite hole on an island though. The wading staff I got for Christmas sure came in handy. That thing has a permanent spot in my tackle bag!


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Post Posted: 06:15pm - Feb 24,16 
Yeah I wouldn't gamble and try crossing @ 1800 cfs in these water temps. Always nice just to be able to get out this time of year. Nature is starting to awaken.

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