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Post Posted: 09:53pm - Dec 8,15 
It was unusually warm for a december day, 46 degrees and overcast. The Fox was running at 3600 CFS since all that rain we've had, but I thought I'd make it down to some familiar water I've had really good luck at in the past. I'll start posting water temps if Mrs. Santa listened to me this year. Today was the only day I could get out before it rains again. I brought my waders thinking I'd wade over to my honey hole, but when I got there I realized that was an absolutely terrible idea!

I threw everything I could think of, keeping it close to the bottom and in the eddys, but no takers.

Since the Fox claimed my last rod, I replaced my "Enticer" rod from Basspro with the Browning "Safari" model in light action and took it out for its first wetting. It's a 4 piece and just as sensitive as my Enticer, which was something like IM8, which I absolutely love. Came with a real nice rod case too, bonus.

Maybe one last trip before it gets cold, who knows...


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Post Posted: 05:10pm - Dec 9,15 
I am sorry, but that was painful to read.

How Memory Enhances The Past

Went fishing and had a drink or went drinking and caught a fish?

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