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Post Posted: 11:23am - Sep 30,20 
I want to put my son on a new fishing adventure. I fished the Root about 20 yrs ago all the way up at the dam. We are quite experienced anglers put nothing in the local tributary's. We do not fly fish but have a nice collection of spinning/casting gear.

Here are the questions if your willing to help & if this isn't the right spot to post can you direct me to the proper place?

Where about would you fish on the Root tomorrow?

Will ML, Med & MH spinning gear with 10-12 lb mono work?

Suggestions on lures? Thinking jigs with mister twister tails, bright flies & maybe a spoon or spinner???

Certainly a bunch more intel to gain but I believe this would get us going for now. He is 16 & well accomplished with a fishing pole.

Thank you again! It is about the kids for me.




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Post Posted: 05:01pm - Sep 30,20 
Are the rods 7' Bass rods? If so, you will want the Med. Heavy. These are not ideal but will work for a one off trip.

If they are a Salmon/Steelhead rod, you would want to match the power to go with what you are throwing.

10-12 mono isn't ideal but will be sufficient for a one off trip.

Baits: I would throw shallow running jerkbaits in bright, gaudy colors (Chartruse, Pink, Orange, etc). Storm Thundersticks are the most common answer, but many of this genre will work. This is NOT the place to be throwing MegaBass, Lucky Craft, SPRO, and other high end Bass stuff cause Salmon will wreck it. Also upgrade the stock hooks cause Salmon will wreck it. Personally I prefer inline spinners over spoons when fishing in a river... #4 or #5 Mepps Agila or Blue Fox Vibrex. Don't be a snagger and use "flies" on spinning gear.

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