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Post Posted: 01:29pm - Aug 31,19 
Hit the west branch @7:30 and immediately saw ripples on the surface and (I guess they are) a blue winged olive hatch with many bodies floating on the surface and I thought pan fish sucking them up. With my 3 wt and black boogle bug, I started to throw upstream and allow the current (while mending) take the popper. Nothing for a dozen casts so I headed upstream throwing above a current break. My next cast and a really big smallmouth took it and I had all I could handle (thankfully using a 3X leader) while the fish gave me 2 leaps into the air. Again, no net and (crap) no camera) I finally coaxed the fish to hand and set him beside my rod getting an estimate...later looking at where he measured to the lettering on the rod, it was between 18"-19". I quickly let it go. The swirls on the water continued and I was able to get a 12" smallie to bite after while.
With a lull in the smallmouth action, I decided to see what was eating the bugs so I changed to the smallest fly I had and let it fly. Instant hookup and it was a silvery fish about 4" long looking like some sort of shad (can I say that?). Another cast and another silvery fish. And another...
I changed back to the bugger and sent it upstream on the opposite shoreline and another really nice smallie.
In all, after about 90 minutes, I took to hand 3 fish in the 15-16" plus length which made me think that the big smallmouth were hitting the shad as the shad fed upon the hatch.
And there is me at the top of that chain.
A great day. Love my Temple Fork rod.



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If they didn't have a spot on the body could have been river herring aka mooneyes which are surface feeders.Nice smallies!


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Another nice job!!

Carp are fish too...

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Nice. Can’t wait to go out in the spring.

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