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Yesterday was cool but I decided to take a shot and don the waders and head to the west branch. I started out on the wrong foot. Thinking that the 6lb line was running low on my ultralight's spool, I decided to quickly change it. Went into the basement and hunted around and could only find 10# line so I thought what the heck and spooled the reel. got out on the river @2:30 and, though it was chilly, I felt good. First throw and the line spun off the spool in one big mess with the rubber worm going only about 20 feet. Sh-t! What to do so I cut off the snarl and tied the ends making a nice bump. Back to casting but I added another splitshot which helped. A few bumps and I landed about a 9" smallmouth. Another bunch of casts and another snarl.
So, I am asking myself if this is an omen. I look down at my carabiner watch and lo and behold, it's still 2:30. Hands are not moving.
I wade a little downstream with a few more casts and not a bite. Omens all over the place so I head back to the car.
Take off the waders and the left leg is wet.
Pack up, get in the car and leave the omens behind.

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