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Took some time out, yesterday evening, to throw a popper on the west branch. I figured that the rain allowed the fish to roam in the increased river level. With all the weeds, the popper had a fighting chance of not getting fouled. Well, the tally was one largemouth in the 14" range (he put up a good fight), a slightly smaller smallmouth which outfought the largemouth and some bluegills of various sizes (some were hand sized with that orange belly). All off the main current in side pools. The bigger fish were attracted to a more floating popper (like a bug) while the big bluegills hit the popper when I made it pop (a Boogle Bug with a concave mouth).
Getting dark earlier so I trudged back to the van about 7:30. Afterward, I paid the price with the knees and ankle killing me. But it was worth it.


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Yeah I've noticed the sun taking longer to come up in the mornings now too. The fish have been pretty active though. And I have been seeing quite a few nice largemouths as well, albeit on the east side.

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