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Yesterday evening, I hit the west branch with the fly rod (wished I would have opted for the ultralight). Knees are painful as hell but once I am in the water, the coolness and flow seems to abate the aching. Also, since the water is higher than usual, I became lighter due to buoyancy. Tried various wooly buggers but had luck on the autumn bugger which has rubber old reliable. I took tow average sized smallies which were scrappy in the current and on the 3wt Temple Fork and lost another one since the hook did not set. I also caught a hand sized and colorful bluegill.
The comedic part was me snagging the tree behind me. Gingerly treading the river bottom and current and wobbly knees, I made my way to the tree and was able to gently pull the branch down to grab the wooly bugger ($3.95 a bugger!). I softly started pulling the bugger off when I lost it, the branch flexed back, the 4X tippett broke and I watched $3.95 fly off into the river. Sh--! And I did not have another bugger in the same size.
Due to the current, the fish were all in the eddies and really did not hit that hard but gave a tug. The bluegill was the one that hit like a tiger.

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