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Post Posted: 09:58pm - Oct 26,17 
I went out this evening with the ultralight and plastic worms knowing that the river would still be high and with a strong and cold current. I fished only one pool thinking that I did not want to fight the current knowing the condition of my knees. Swimming is not an option.
That said, I went to a favorite pool and cast a Yum nightcrawler (1/2 of it due to the size) and used a small clam sinker to help get the bait down. Casting upstream and retrieving to cotrol the line, I managed to get 4 smallmouth, a large and chubby rockbass and a largemouth.
I learned a good lesson about hook size. I was using a #6 baitholder hook and thought about going to a #4 when I had a good hit. I fought the fish on the ultralight and got it close enough to see that it was the biggest largemouth I had hooked on the DuPage. It went around in the pool, got close, did a turn and threw the hook. I have been using the Eagle Claw bait holder hooks since they have those barbs to hold the plastic worm or grub in place but I have been having a problem with fish throwing the hook after the initial set (especially smallmouth).
Since it is almost 11pm, I will try to upload pics either tomorrow or this weekend.

Maybe the big rain did the river some good by letting the fish population redistribute. Sort of revitalized it.
Anyway, they are biting.


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Post Posted: 05:11am - Oct 27,17 
I find that those eagle claw hooks are far too dull.



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High water really get's that river going. At least you got to see it. It's worse when you don't even get a look at a big fish you have hooked.

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