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I sing this to the tune "One Meatball". A beautiful evening so I hit the west branch from 4-6. The river was high and a good flow and the water was cool--very cool. With the fly rod, I tried my trusty wooly bugger then a popper in the quiet areas and finally a carp fly (black with long tentacles). All I could entice to bite was one 6 inch creek chub.
Boy, that river must have risen at least 6 feet since the bike path was covered with silt and the trees along the river's edge had stuff hanging from branches that are 4-6 feet off the water.

So, it was a good day to chalk up as practice. One good note is that the cold, high water was especially soothing on the knees.

I could have opted to bring the spinning gear and try a plastic worm or grub thinking that the smallmouth are looking to fatten for the winter but what the heck.

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