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I still had some of the Colorado trip in me so I picked up the 3wt and fished the west branch, yesterday evening. I began still thinking of getting that wooly bugger deeper since I know I am missing fish who would hit a plastic worm or bait or spinner. So, I left on the previously tied wooly and decided to take my chances. Nothing but one small bluegill which didn't know any better. Enough of that and I trudged (you trudge when you have arthritic knees) upriver to a familiar spot and threw the bugger some more. Nada....
So, enough theory thinking and I switched to a small Booglebug (black) popper and the sun was setting and the fun began. The fish were not eating on top but I said "what the hell". Out of the one nice pool, I must have landed 30+ fish (maybe 1/2 were bluegill but the bigger ones and one sunfish) which were in the 10" range. Nothing worthy of taking pics but fun on the fly rod. And the best hits were the rock bass which probably were in that 10" but fat; they literally leaped (or is it leapt?) out of the water to bang the popper. There were 3 (maybe 4) smallmouth and one largemouth. I found that almost all of the hits were close to the opposite bank and to let the popper float (mending a line with a popper is quite hard since the popper just explodes and probably chases the fish away---any thoughts?).
So, it was 7:10 and I was reluctant to leave but it's no fun wading in the dark to any nearest point of egress.
To sum it up, I had a ball.

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