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Post Posted: 11:45am - Nov 6,16 
Can anyone give me some guidance on shore fishing access spots on the East or Main Branch of the mighty Dupe?

I used to fish out of my kayak around Shorewood before I had kids. My boys are now 7 and 10, and crazy about fishing. They're pretty good at it, too. It's truly a pleasure to see them enjoy it and find success. I'm trying to find some access points for shore fishing with them. I don't want to steal anyone's secret spot, but just hoping for some general guidance. We live in DG, used to live in Lisle a stone's thrown from the EB. Never really had any luck there. Only found one spot in the middle of a certain golf course, and that was only accessible by kayak. This now has me wondering if I need to learn how to wade...

I was going to pm jmdog or chuckt, but wasn't sure if that would've been appreciated, so I thought I should err on the side of caution and ask the general group. We are strictly CPR when it comes to fishing around here. We only ever keep eyeballs from our trips to northern WI. No bucket heads here.

Thanks in advance!



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Post Posted: 02:18pm - Nov 6,16 
Your pm would be okay with me but your question is such that it can be answered by many members who fish the Duper. Shore fishing with a 7 and a 10 year old; I go with my 8 year old grandson to Naperville's downtown riverwalk. It is so user friendly and spans a great length on either north and south banks. Many a fisher from 7 to 70 years old catching smallmouth, rock bass, carp (which are big) and even the occasional catfish (my son caught one about 24"). Then there is the McDowell Grove (just north of Ogden on Raymond Ave) and I would suggest the western(?) side since the eastern side has a steep slope. The river is low so you would be looking for pools. If the river was higher, these are usually very good spots.

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