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Post Posted: 10:20am - Oct 31,16 
I did a recon in force, Saturday. Living in Naperville since 1984, I never walked the paths or fished the river. Taking my ultralight and white grubs, I walked along the south side of the river (or it can be the east side in some stretches) and picked spots in which there was some current and also not too steep a bank to traverse. I proceeded to catch maybe 6 plus smallmouth some ranging in the 12" category. The smaller one were eager to bite. Walking and fishing as I returned to the parking lot area, I was getting nothing in a patch of slow water when, to my right, splashing occurred as a nice sized fish was feeding. I threw my grub in and had a big largemouth on the hook for 2 runs and the line broke. A new reel and new I lessened the drag thinking that I can increase it if the fish starts to spool me. Another 3-4 casts and I latched onto and landed about a 16" smallmouth which really gave my 4-1/2 foot Falcon rod some real bending. Its running around in the river must have shooed away all the other fish since a lull took place and it was time to get ready to see the Cubs lose.


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That's a really nice fish chuck. Fish like that are a hoot on light gear. Nice to hear you had some real success. The river has been hot.

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