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I took the fly rod out to the west branch, yesterday afternoon, to remember how much easier it is to work with spinning gear. No need for 30 feet of space to one's rear and trying not to get wind knots. I started just south of Weigand park (where they are rebuilding the overpass) and could only get a few small bluegill to bite. It could have been at least a serene afternoon but for kayakers who have no sense of class (not all of them are included).
Where do these people come from? The man and woman see me fishing the one bank (a pool by a rocky abutment) and I see them coming and move toward the bank to give them room behind me. No, not them. The guy comes first, stops in the pool splashing with his paddle, turns his kayak in the pool awaiting his wife. His wife comes, does the same thing and hits up against the rocky area. No big deal for them. I was silent until I told the guy "why don't you just get out and walk through the area I was fishing." He just smiled as they went downstream. No sorry or excuse us for the problem. So, they managed to chase any fish. They were followed by some teens who just sailed through and were courteous (these I don't mind).
So, with that, I took my rod and headed upstream while I still had light (about 6:30pm). It was getting dark so I switched to a black popper and the fun began. I took about 6 nice sized rock bass then a largemouth hit and hooked himself. A guy and his son in a canoe gave me a wide berth as the (about 14-15") fish did some leaping and bent my 3 wt rod. Like a dare devil acrobat, I had no net but landed him by the lower lip and easily extracted the hook sending him on his way. Black seems to be my most producing color. I also met a fellow spin fishing and catching (what he termed) small fish on a Mepps. We traded pleasantries and he stated it was his first time on the river so I gave him a few spots upstream to check. Fishing with a popper is so more exciting; even a medium sized bluegill will crash the surface.
The day ended better than when it started.

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