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I made up a little bit for the previous no bite morning. I took the fly rod and tied a #10 wooly bugger and hit the west branch. After a few small bluegills, I trekked up near the 87th street area and slogged through the forest to get tot the river. I wish to heck that the forest preserve (Naperville, DuPage, Illinois, whoever is in charge) would spend a little of the tax money to create a few spots of egress. After crashing through the honeysuckle, grape vines and stinging nettle (I got it on my hands), I climbed into the river (by the overhanging tree which has poison ivy). Then it got better.
I met a younger fellow (Mike) who was also fly fishing and changed pleasantries and exchanged flies. As we parted, I landed about a 10" smallmouth which was lurking just downstream of the current and rocks. Being about 7:30, I proceeded to wade downstream (toward the parked car) and came upon an area of calm water and managed two more smallmouth of the same size. A tad further and below another set of rocks and rapids, I landed my last and biggest (about 12") which was lying downstream of some tree roots and grabbed my bugger as it drifted with the current.

No mosquitos and the passing polite kayakers gave me a wide berth so the evening was rather enjoyable as the sun set and I walked out.

Gotta love those bluegill swallowing that wooly bugger. Imagine if they grew to the 10lb class what they would do to your rod and your arm.



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Thanks for the report, glad to see your luck turned around!

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