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I was awaken, 5:05am, today, by my dog Sammy who came into my bedroom, gave a few greeting yelps, then put his front paws on the bed and proceeded to pant dog breath onto my face. Was it a bathroom emergency, a fire in the house or burglars walking out with the tv? Nope. none of them. Letting him outside, all he did was lay on the grass. Well, I was up so I decided to take the fly rod, don the waders and fish the west branch. The river is a little high and faster flowing and a little silty (could not see my boots in 2-1/2 ft of water). I tried, from 6 to 8, to get something to bit. Wooly worm, #12 Humpy, a small black popper...........nada. I could not even get the mosquitos to bite.
So, it was off to get a cup of coffee and start the day. Maybe I will give the river another shot, tomorrow morning.

BTW, there were plenty of hatches when I entered the river.

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