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Post Posted: 12:23pm - Jun 5,16 
Living much closer to the Dupage now than the Kank. Need to start learning a new to me stream. The USGS in Shorewood is at 804 CFS and 2.96 ft. and rising. Upon inspecting it today, conditions seemed far from optimal. Anyone have any numbers here that they go by, that you would deem both good and safe?? Thanks.

Bob P.


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Post Posted: 09:32am - Jun 7,16 
Bob. I'm not comfortable wading the Dupage until the reading is under 400cfs. There are areas you can spot wade, get in get out, at higher levels but this is my own personal guideline. That level sometimes has to be adjusted in the summer when the eel grass starts to get thick. There are very few quick depth changes on this river so there is not to much to worry about. Explore the river when visibility is good and you can see the bottom in front of you. After you wade an area make note of the levels for future reference.

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