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I hit the river, with the fly rod, in the morning @ 7:30am. It was basically small smallmouth and smaller bluegills. Going to my usual spot, the fish were sipping what I think were insects from the hatch that was occurring. Judging from the sips, it looked like small bluegills; I could not get one to take a small popper or humpy or even a parachute. So, I was usupicious since I hve never encountered bluegills being so selective. I did not have any blue winged olives on me to try to imitate the hatch. So, I gave up and moved upstream and prostituted myself into using a #4 hook and a piece of a plastic worm. Obviously, it was not built for my 3 wt rod and casting was poor at best. But I did manage to land a few smallies until I hooked into something that just gave me one big lunge and the tippett on my leader broke at the hook. A lager smallmouth or maybe a carp but there was no playing since the fish gave a grunt and moved on.
So, here is my thought. I am going to purchase #8 or #10 hooks and fashion my own small worms to imitate what I was trying to throw but on a smaller scale. Basically, a plastic lure for the fly rod. If it works or doesn't, I'll let you know.


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Try wrapping the hook with lead solder and then tying on a piece of brown yarn. You can then use a good scent product with it to add some scent to the presentation.
The lead will help the offering sink and the yarn holds scent real well.
Just a thought.

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