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Post Posted: 06:08pm - Jul 10,19 
You know who you are. Today I went to Menards for a lighted rocker switch among other things. Got home installed switch and it worked perfectly.
Trouble is it wasn't a lighted switch. Somebody switched boxes with a regular switch to save $2.95, if save is the right word. So I'm out $2.95 because
I'm not going to reinstall another switch after another trip to Menards. So you people out there doing this kind of stuff, PLEASE STOP IT.
Other examples that I've experienced recently, last couple of years.
Went to try on a rain suit after asking permission to remove it from package at Walmart. Not rainsuit that was supposed to be in package but a cheap PVC
rainsuit in same color. Someone created a bargain for themselves and their staying dry.
Bought a belt at a nicer department store, informed staff there was a very old, very worn belt hanging on the rack. Another good deal for someone who can still
keep their pants up just a little cheaper than it should be.
Bought an outdoor outlet, again at Menards, but last fall. Opened box and out came a charred outlet that was probably returned after being shorted out. That one I returned.
I'm sure I can think of more but I'm done with my little rant, life goes on and I'll keep fishing and enjoying life and family (especially my grandson) and friends.
For those people, I say again: PLEASE STOP IT



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Post Posted: 06:06am - Jul 11,19 
Bought a projector once from Home Depot a couple weeks before the Super Bowl around 2006/2007 (I'm pretty sure it was the year the Bears were in it). Not sure why Home Depot was selling projectors, but I had a decent gift card and figured that'd be the perfect use for it. Got home, and it was a cinder block inside. I was back up to the store within 30 minutes of the time stamp on the receipt only to be met with, "We have no way of knowing you didn't put the cinder block in the box." I kid you not, someone else was returning one at the same exact time for the exact same reason. So the manager went into the back to check and every single box was filled with cinder blocks in their warehouse. Had to be an employee is what I was told.


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Post Posted: 09:16pm - Jul 11,19 
I went 2 home depot like 3 months ago to buy a new battery for my back up sum pump... got home opened the box and it was a old crusty nasty 12 volt battery ...I was so pissed had 2 lug that nasty battery filled with acid back and get a new one

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Post Posted: 04:40am - Jul 12,19 
Wife used to work at a farm & fleet store in customer service. Problems like this all the time with car parts. Got so bad that the headquarters made employees open box at time of purchase to verify what was going out of the store was a new / unused part. On a few occasions, people did try and return the "unused part" for full credit. However the manager would go to security camera based on time stamp of the receipt and verify the part was new. When manager told customer what he saw on video, almost everyone just lowered their heads and walked out the store.
Wonder how the customer would feel if the store sold them used parts?
I work part time at a liquor store and people often try & return open bottles of liquor! I politely tell them that we dont sell open bottles of liquor. If customer protests that they just dont like the taste of the liquor, I say give it to your least favorite neighbor at next party. That makes them laugh and usually ends the issue.
As a young kid, my mom & dad would have given me a crack if I had tried to exchange or return used parts. Even today I'd never consider doing such a thing.



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Post Posted: 08:22pm - Jul 12,19 
Sad to say,check your purchase before you leave.Had this happen to me as well.I inspect and cut open any item at the store if allowed before hand,definitely after purchase.Store's these day's are to quick to put return's back on the shelf-

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