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Post Posted: 02:52pm - Aug 19,19 
What happened to the Perch fishing out of Waukegan?


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Post Posted: 05:32pm - Aug 19,19 
Who knows for sure? I'm sure the rise in lake levels effect the current and water temps that could have them in new spots. What I'd also been told and can believe it could of had a negative impact was the huge amount of sand that had been dredged because of lower water levels and big storms to keep channel into north harbor for commercial traffic was dumped on top of and ruined the areas that attracted them - spawning grounds.?

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They have always dredged. Haven't perch fished Waukegan for probably 10+ years. From what the biologists have said has more to do with the lack of plankton from the mussels. And I would bet the gobies might be feasting on the eggs. From talking to long time Waukegan folks they basically say if someone is catching them they are keeping it to themselves.

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