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Post Posted: 09:25am - Jan 10,19 
Just wondering if anyone is catching keepers at either location? If not, does anyone know of where one could go to catch some? Thanks for any insight, I'd like to get out possibly Sunday AM and catch some for the table.



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Post Posted: 09:59am - Jan 10,19 
As of last weekend, nothing at Navy Pier and everyone was fishing the river and doing well. I haven't been out since Sunday, but i sort of assume those big NW winds didnt help out Navy pier any in regard to water clarity. I heard people were doing the best down on the south side/calumet river... but that's just what i heard, no first hand experience. Good Luck!



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Post Posted: 06:42pm - Jan 10,19 
Hey there MrFrost/Freeze!

Best place to fish is by Wabash bridge...been there several times...nothing happening at the Pier.

Might be inclined to join you on Sunday, if interested



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Post Posted: 10:18pm - Jan 10,19 
The Riverwalk by Wabash is always productive. The water coming out of culvert under State bridge and the slack water there must be attracting fish. If you want to go for size (sacrificing numbers), fish right by Columbus bridge (north bank due to south bank being closed). Throw toward the middle of the river and retrieve slowly.
Big ones seem to be in the deeper spots. They say the river is 18 -22 feet deep in the middle.
It'd be nice to join you guys, but Sunday is the Lord's day (church).

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