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Post Posted: 08:46am - Mar 26,18 
Took the whippy-stick out for the first time on Friday along the Riverwalk. The Smallmouth and Rockbass decided to come out and play along.

Started by swinging a Gold Empee and that netted several Smallmouth in the 10-12in range. Key was getting the bait down low. The Bass weren't chasing, but would simply suck up any meal that came their way. Didn't get a single fish while actively stripping.

Switched to a Near 'Nuff crayfish after a cold streak with the Empee and that is how I found the Rock Bass. Obviously they were feeding down on the Crayfish. They were holding in the "deep" holes, out of the main current. They were really focused on Crayfish. I didn't get a single one on an Empee, but they were aggressively hitting the Near 'Nuff.

All in all, a fun afternoon with the 6-wt 8)~ 8)~ 8)~

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Post Posted: 09:24am - Mar 26,18 
never really fished the dupe with the long rod but it's been in the back of my head for years. i really need to get out more.



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Post Posted: 10:52am - Mar 30,18 
Yes, get out there, stlhed, you will become addicted to smallmouth on the fly. No going back then.

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