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Made it out to White Pines State Park out past Oregon on Sunday for the catch-and-release fly fishing. As I had anticipated, all of that rain we got had the creek running a little high and had it churned up pretty well. The faster moving areas were more clear, but the slow moving - where the fish were holding - were pretty brown.

The road into the picnic areas was closed due to high water (the road actually crosses you through the water) so I parked and started walking east. Very pretty area and easily fishable. If you're fishing from shore, you'll need a long net because in a lot of areas, it's several feet down to the water. Lots of places to wade in though. Nothing caught and saw no fish rising, so I eventually walked back and continued west past my car. Of course, after I walked all the way down to the last parking lot, the ranger came through and opened up the roads again!

I should have gone this way right from the start. Walking along I saw a freshly killed Golden trout, probably from hawk or something. While fishing that area, I saw a fish jump about 200 yards up stream. That seemed to be the spot! Saw a couple of fish rise and managed one on a generic beadhead nymph - small fish though, maybe 8 inches. I eventually switched to a dry attractor to try and get one of the risers, but I guess it didn't attract them enough!

Saw only 1 other person fishing the whole time I was there.


Carp are fish too...

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I told my son to read your discussion on this park. Your photos really got me interested.

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