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Your opinions. While at the Bolingbrook Bass Pro shop, I met a fellow who produces furled leaders. Upon looking at the leader, I was amazed about the intricacy in the tieing and the tiny metal ring at the end for the tippet. Since it is made up of (I guess) 2 lines intertwined (twine is not the proper word), it seems a tad bigger than a standard tapered leader. The craftsman can make them in a variety of colors and weights and lengths so he does everyone by hand.
I have no experience or know of anybody using them so I am asking for your inputs. Dad's Day is right around the corner.



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I have never used them so take this with a grain of salt. I believe the concept it they will land on the water more softly and not spook wary fish. If you check out, you will see they offer a wide selection of them and have a little write up on their use.



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For fly fishing around these parts it is not necessary.

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