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Post Posted: 09:47pm - Sep 9,17 
Hey guys,so I know there is a ton of opinions on what brand bow is the way to go. I have been a Mathews guy for the last 9 years and have loved them. Tonight I was talking to a guy who was raving about the Bowtechs specifically his reign 6. I have always heard great things about Bowtech but have never shot one. What is everyone's thoughts on them?

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Post Posted: 01:43pm - Sep 10,17 
I'm a Mathews guy as well. I feel you either use a Mathews or want to tell everyone how Mathews are too expensive and find every little thing wrong with a Mathews. Bows are becoming better and more expensive by every brand. If you can kill a deer with your bow who cares who makes it.



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Still shoot my Tribute from 2006. If I do my job, it does its job. Honestly, there are so many good bows out there now, go shoot them and find what feels good to YOU. Don't worry about the name. Do yourself a favor and go to a pro shop. Not BP or Cabelas.



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I've been shooting my 2006 Guardian for the last 7 seasons. Love it. Wouldn't trade it for any other bow. Prior to it, I shot an inexpensive PSE Beast and took many deer with it. Like boost1 said, find one that feels good for you (and is quiet).

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