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Post Posted: 07:22pm - Apr 26,15 
Hey everyone,

I have a Bear Instinct, made in 2007 and I was wondering if there was anything that can be done/installed to make the bow quieter when releasing the arrow? I've been practicing the past few days and hear a sound, not sure if that sound is just the bow string in action or what...



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Post Posted: 08:09am - Apr 27,15 
Hey Bob- The perceived noise when shooting a bow is always louder than if you were standing next to someone shooting the bow. Have someone else shoot the bow for you and see how loud it actually is. With that said there are several things you may be doing that makes the bow louder.
-Shooting an under sized or minimum grain arrow for the bow will get you more speed but will also be louder. Try shooting a heavier arrow and you'll be surprised how much of a difference it makes. You will loose some speed but the bow will be quieter and you'll gain kinetic energy down range.
-Dose it have a string stop? Adding a quality string stop like an STS helps more than other dampening devises.
-Loose accessories. Give the riser a good bump with the heel of your hand and listen for any noise coming from accessories. The more stuff you bolt onto the bow the more chances of something rattling.

My $0.02 FWIW.

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