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I took my 6 year old daughter out yesterday evening to my suburban spot. Seeing that her attention span is not too long I waited to go out for the last hour. Of course when we pull up to park there are 3 in the field. Tried to put a stalk on them but no chance. I was happy she was able to see some deer because the last 2 years I took her out we didn't see anything. Set up in an old ground blind and waited while my daughter read a book. At 6:00 a small 6 pointer stepped out. This is a deer I would not think about shooting but when I asked my daughter if I should shoot it she said yes. Figured I would burn that buck tag if it meant her being around when this all went down. Waited 20 minutes as the buck slowly made it towards the blind eating acorns. As I drew back my elbow hit the blind. The looked up and bolted before I could get a shot off. Either way a great experience for me and my child.



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great times. I remember when my son could go and it will last a life time in my mind.


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