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Post Posted: 06:34pm - Nov 9,13 
Hey fellas haven't posted on here in a while but Ive recently started hunting bow and I'm looking for some people that would be interested in going ! I'm always looking for a hunting buddy it's always better to go in 2's just invade of emergency. I have the whole set up also have a tree stand I'm a beginner but I have done my research and just have to get out and start I have a hunters apprentice license because I missed out on getting the hunter safety course but I can hunt with anyone 21 and older who has a valid il hunting license just looking for someone to go out with and maybe teach me a little bit about bow hunting I've been to a couple public areas around the south suburbs so any one that's willing to go it's greatly appreciated !!! Thanks

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Post Posted: 01:12pm - Oct 28,15 
Im out in Joliet. Been Hunting for awhile. I usually go to Heidecke/Goose Lake, Midewin, and Hunt in Wisconsin. I am former military so I was able to bypass the Hunters Ed. If you ever want to get out and Target Shoot or plan a day in the field let me know.



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Post Posted: 05:06am - Oct 29,15 
Hey bud Im in peotone and hit the state parks. I haven't got to go out yet but am always game
let me know.

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