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Salmon Unlimited Member
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Post Posted: 04:14pm - Nov 19,15 
Hey guys I would like to first wish everyone a happy and SAFE gun season. We are going to be blessed with some great weather on Friday..

I am going into the gun season with a doe and a basket rack 9 pt down. So I will be holding for mature deer. Here is my question about my dilemma.

I hunt a property that is a bout 200 yards wide and about 3/8 mile long. most of the deer come from the west. But with this west wind ther is a possibility of the bucks moving in from the east. All the other major timber in the area is either west or south. I have my spot in the center of the woods but more towards the west end. Is it worth me huinting near the west end as my wind will be blowing through the woods or should I try to set up further east. Thoughts?



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Post Posted: 07:57pm - Nov 19,15 
My thoughts, it's gun season and anything can happen. It's hard to pattern deer when they are being shot at and running all different directions. Sorry for the lack of help but during gun season I don't worry about the wind like I do with the bow.

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