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I gave it the old college try Friday morning in the rain for late muzzleloader season at Starved Rock. Picked my usual area that I am familiar with. It was raining the entire drive and it was still raining driving into the parking area. While driving in, I have 4 deer in the grass parking zone. I had to slowly move them out of the way. I thought that would be a good omen. Proceeded to get ready,placed electricans tape over the bore to stop water from running down the barrel and grabbed lunch, 2 bottle of water, pee container, 3 extra loads, all packed into the backback. Grabbed the Lone Wolf climbing tree stand and away we go. Boy, were the woods dark, but very quiet. Went to a spot that I have had success before, three does from the last three years. Found a nice tree and up I go. Finally got everything setup around 0615 and waited in the rain. THe rain would pick up and die down. I had a tree umbella but never used. Finally daylight, I saw a couple of squirrels, turkeys, one wet racoon. Finally around 1100 or so the rains lets up and it almost started to get nice. I had a sandwich and apple while 25 feet in the air. Nothing was moving except for the squirrels. Had to other sandwich around 1:00PM, At 3:30PM I called it quits. headed back to the truck, and guess what is feeding next to the F-150, the same 4 deer. Thought about it for a nano-second, but new better, they quickly high-tailed it when I got about 65 yrds. So, had a wet damp day, a little sore staying up in the tree for 8 hours, but it sure beats work. Just my thoughts, Wazoo54.

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