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Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Second Amendment rights in Illinois...

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel -- Obama's former right hand man in Washington -- is scheming to expand Chicago's handgun registration throughout the rest of the state.

Yes, that's right, Chicago's mayor has decided he can set policy for the entire state now.

If Rahm has his way, he will force all gun owners to pay a $65 registration fee -- every five years -- for every handgun they own!

Not only that, but gun owners would be forced to submit their name, address and phone number, as well as the gun's make, model, serial number and location and date of purchase to the state police.

Does he really believe this is going to make any dent in Chicago's horrible homicide rate? Does the mayor really think the criminals are going to register their guns, or purchase them through legal channels?

Make no mistake about it; what Rahm's registration will do is lay the groundwork for gun confiscation further down the road.

Instead of supporting a clear means for law-abiding citizens to carry concealed -- as every other state in the nation has done -- Rahm would rather turn more law-abiding gun owners into criminals.

What’s more is that Rahm says this legislation will be backed by a Republican!

That’s right, Rahm’s favorite RINO -- Representative Rosemary Mulligan from Park Ridge -- will be one of the bill's cosponsors in the House!

Infringing on our Second Amendment rights is always unacceptable -- but it's even more shameful when it becomes a bi-partisan affair.

Call Rahm’s favorite RINO Rosemary Mulligan at (847) 297-6533 and tell her to keep her hands off your Second Amendment rights.

Then when you are done, call your state representative and Tell them in no uncertain terms that you expect them to expand our Second Amendment rights in Illinois, not further erode them.

Click here to find your state representative's phone number. When you speak to them, demand that they oppose any attempt to implement a statewide handgun registration system.

This post is for information purposes only so that you had the information and links to find your representatives.

Take kids fishing and hunting and pass on the joy of our sport!

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