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Post Posted: 08:43am - Feb 2,20 
I saw a beautiful buck with a couple of does last night along the wooden fence of Willow Creek Church. It was around 4:30pm and he was less than 25 yards from Barrington Road. Nice to see a nice rack this late into the winter. Heck, if he's a good representative of the bucks on that church's property, I might switch faiths and become a member of that church.



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Post Posted: 02:40pm - Feb 2,20 
Hey there RA8
Definitely some big bucks up that way, nobody can hunt up that a way so yeah the bucks get big. Drive up rt.59 between Schaumburg Rd and rt.90 usually can see deer walking all over that forest preserve. That is the only time I have ever seen a double drop tine buck just a beast, I actually stoped on 59 to get a better look. I almost was hit but dam what a buck he was!
I looked for his sheds hard that year never did find them but got a few nice sets off some property close to there as you can't take sheds form forest preserve property.

If its brown it's down! If it flys shoot it! And if it smells like fish EAT it!!

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