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Post Posted: 11:29am - Apr 29,16 
at the urging of the better half (not been out of the house much in the last 2 weeks) so i grabbed the dogs and took a walk over to the preserve about a half block from the new house here, never see anybody go in there, no parking along the street or anywhere close. walk through the entrance read the rules, laugh out loud about the no drugs and alcohol one. see the circled pistol in red and pat mine under my hoody. look inside the the waste can empty? new bag?odd. so i start walking, sign said 80 acres with 20 acre native grass meadow w/ blue bird houses? only blue bird i ever saw was @ the museum of natural history" stuffed" so my interest is up. dont see any human tracks now i'm back in about 500 yrds., did notice that the trails were really well maintained? growing up in "crook" county the further in you get in a place like this the worse it gets, haven't seen a beer can or a needle yet, feeling a little bit weird, decide maybe since no ones around and it looks like they cant get hurt ,i unleash the dogs. Sheamus is off winden and Bella's marking everything in site, we go over a little creek and then there's the meadow, pretty really, with 6 bird house sticking up 5' over the laid down brown grass. Sheamus starts getting real birdy, im thinking oh no we stumbled on the deer bedding down in here! the world goes in "slow mo" Bell's off towards Sheamus, im yelling come, come, come, and then the field explodes with birds. TURKEY'S a lot of them could have been 10 might have been 20. Bell takes a leap and almost snatches one right out of the air, im thinking im going to jail or at the very least paying a big fine. Sheamus is on point and im running towards him yelling no,no,no the bird busts and almost knocks me down. finally i get them both on the leash and we hi-tail it home. spent the next hour peeking through the blinds waiting for the police to show up! never knew turkeys could fly like that, knew they could run like hell,only turkey i ever shot is when i feel asleep on a hunt and got woke up to the sound of a tom trying to mate my decoy. didn't see no damn blue bird either googled them seems they migrate and don't get here till the middle of may. still wondering what all those birds were congregated in that field for mating? feed? waiting to scare the b'jesus out of me? well i know one thing, all you guys who didn't get a turkey this spring isn't because your not a great hunter its because they're sitting in this field 800 yrds. from my door where you cant hunt them.

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My scariest turkey encounters have been tracking deer or going into my stand in the dark and having them bust out of the trees over my head crashing into everything as they fly out. First time it ever happened I dropped to my knees taking cover with my arms. Another occasion my mom was driving in the country and 1 flew off the road and into an oak tree, the impact killed it. She stopped, picked it up and brought it home. She had it in the freezer for a couple years before she tossed it. This was before there was even a hunting season for them, she never even thought about the fact she may have been violating a law.

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